[Baypiggies] Carpool to PyCon?

Alex Martelli aleax at google.com
Wed May 3 23:39:01 EDT 2017

On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 7:35 PM, Charles Merriam <charles.merriam at gmail.com>

> I'm about to book my silver tube up to PyCon and realize it would be more
> fun to carpool up.  Either driving the 11 hours in one day or at least
> getting taking the same flight.

Not going this year, but I went up to Portland for conferences MANY times
in the past (OSCON was there until they moved to Austin last year) and MY
favorite way of getting there (having tried many!) is the coastal route. I5
(which does let you get there in one day) is the epitome of boredom, and
flying nothing special; but if you drive up by the ocean, it's an
absolutely amazing trip. Yeah, you do need to break it into, say, three
parts -- costing you a couple days' vacation (but Google's generous with
vacation days!-) and Google a couple of motel nights (far from costly)...
but it's really great country and amazing entertainment (or at least it was
for me, always w/my wife Anna -- first woman Fellow of the PSF, first woman
winner of the Frank Willison memorial award for contributions to Python, my
co-author in the 2nd ed of "Python Cookbook" and in the hot-of-the-presses
3rd ed of "Python in a Nutshell).

The interior route by the Cascades (esp. Mount Shasta) is great too (and
takes roughly the same mileage and time) -- the best years we drove up one
way (coast or mountains) and back down the other...

If you do choose either coastal or mountain routes feel free to mail me for
more specific advice about where to stop &c!-)


> My current plan is head up Thursday, come down Sunday night or Monday, but
> I'm flexible.
> Let me know if this is interesting to you,
> Charles Merriam
> charles.merriam at gmail.com
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