[Bundle-sponsorship-wg] PSF International Python Conference Sponsorship Bundles

Betsy Waliszewski betsy at python.org
Mon Oct 19 17:53:24 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Circling back around with all of you see what you think about this idea.
I've created a google spreadsheet for each conference (11) from our list in
the prospectus. I would send an email to each contact (see below) to fill
in the spreadsheet with updated information. Once we have the updated
information, we can rework the numbers - Cost+ PSF Bundle Pricing Model -
on what we would have to charge to cover our expenses. At that point, we
can update the bundles with the new information.

There is a link in the proposed email below to see what the templates look




SUBJECT LINE: PSF International Python Conference Sponsorship Bundles -


We’re reaching out to you to give you an update on the PSF’s efforts to
create International Python Sponsorship Bundles to support community-led
Python conferences across the world. The Python Software Foundation would
function as the central point of contact to help with the finances. After
the finances are settled, we pass the sponsor onto the conference

We were unable to launch this effort earlier in 2015, but we’re back on
track and need your help to move forward for 2016. We have event
information from you for 2014, and need to update it for 2016.

We’ve changed the process from last time and created an open spreadsheet to
share with you, that we’d like you to complete. We need the following
information from you:

• Name of event
• Date
• Location
• Expected attendance
• Sponsorship levels and cost
• Benefits per level

Please check all of the benefit boxes that apply to each level of
sponsorship. If you have a benefit that isn’t list, please add it to the
bottom of the list.

Send me an email when you’re finished and we’ll add your event to our

Here is a link to the information form: https://goo.gl/PDJ4Dz

Thanks so much for supporting the Python community with your event and I
look forward to working with you!

Best Regards,


Betsy Waliszewski
Python Software Foundation
Event Coordinator / Administrator
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