[Catalog-sig] initial use of PyPI

Richard Jones rjones@ekit-inc.com
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 12:02:16 +1100

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003 10:32 am, Neal Norwitz wrote:
> Here's some notes on my first use of the catalog.  Overall I thought it
> was pretty good.  Easy to use (bugs notwithstanding :-)  Most of the bugs
> seem like they should be easy to fix.
>  * When I logout of the web page, user/password is requested again.

That's the only way I know of logging someone out of basic HTTP auth. If 
anyone knows better, please let me know...

>  * When doing admin, the user names should be sorted in some way.


>  * Should a user be allowed to be both an owner and maintainer?
>    (I don't know the distinction, so it could make sense.)

I'll include a description of the two on the role admin page. In short:

Owner - Owns a package name, may assign Maintainer Role for that name. The 
first user to register information about a package is deemed Owner of the 
package name. The Admin user may change this if necessary. May submit updates 
for the package name.

Maintainer - Can submit and update info for a particular package name.

>  * Platform is unknown, how does one set it?  What are the possible values?

This is undefined AFAIK. The trove list can offer some help I suppose.

>  * If you remove a role for a user which doesn't have the role,
>    you get a successful 'Role Removed OK'

Will fix.

> (You asked to try to break it, right? :-)


>  * I was the owner (neal) for PyChecker.  I removed myself as the owner,
>    which meant there was no owner.  I clicked admin, which sent me
>    into an infinite loop of requesting login.  Edit behaved better,
>    I got an error message.

This is a bit silly, yes. Will add a check.

> So now I can't do anything more to test PyChecker.  Could someone
> restore me as owner or delete the package?

You're back.

>  * I went to update my user information.  I pressed ok without
>    entering a password and I couldn't log in again.  The password
>    wasn't the old password or blank.  At least I couldn't use either
>    to login.

Erk. Will fix.

>  * After changing my user information, I had to re-login.

Assuming the password is changed, this is necessary.