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Richard Jones richardjones at optushome.com.au
Wed Apr 13 01:39:57 CEST 2005

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On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 05:19 am, Fred Drake wrote:
> On Apr 12, 2005 2:48 PM, Brant Harris <deadwisdom at gmail.com> wrote:
> > index.python.org +2
> I think index.python.org is a terrible name.  archive.python.org is
> better, by a little bit.
> Now that PyPI has both index and archive functions, we should probably
> think about whcih we want to emphasize.

Definitely the CPAN-like aspects, as that's "the number one reason I don't use 
Python" in the words of so many slashdotters.

> If we care about "competing" 
> with CPAN (which stands for "Comprehensive Perl Archive Network",
> never mind that it *could* stand for other things), then the archive
> aspect is important and should be emphasized.

And lends a lot of weight to the "PyPAN" name, even though I don't like it :)

> I think "index" alone simply doesn't say anything to most users, even
> when we're only considering programmers.  "archive" is better because
> it suggests things in storage and a way to find them, but I'd be just
> as happy to find mailing list archives there.
> "packages" may be better, because at least it says what can be found
> there.  It doesn't have any glitz, though, and just a little bit of
> that would be nice.

This discussion seems to have diverted down the path of talking about URL 
components. The issue here isn't the URL, it's the name. "CPAN" is 
immediately identifiable as "the place you go to get poorly-written Perl 
modules". "packages" means ... er ... Same with "index", "archive" and any 
other common word. The name needs to include either the word "python" or 
something so unique it couldn't be confused (which is why I went down the 
"shrubbery" path).

So, I believe we need a name / acronym that's "catchy" like "CPAN" (it's got a 
good rythm) that's not "PyPAN" (ie. just "CPAN" with a letter changed)

So, taking:

 Archive (registry)
 Repository (treasury)

I get:

 Comprehensive Python Archive Network             CPAN
 Python Package Archive Network                   PyPAN
 Python Central Archive of Packages               PyCAP
 Python Repository of Packages                    PROP
 Python Central Archive Repository                PyCAR
 Treasury Of Python                               TOP
 Central Archive Repository of Python             CARP
 Central Repository Archive of Python             CRAP   (or Py ;)
 Python Central Repository Archive of Packages    PyCRAP
 Seminal Python Archive of Modules                SPAM

I hereby request that any future responses (even "me too" ones) to this thread 
must include at least ten name ideas :)

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