[Catalog-sig] PyPI replication project

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Fri Oct 10 00:45:41 CEST 2008

Am 09.10.2008 18:36 Uhr, Martin v. Löwis schrieb:
>> If there would be an easy way to replicate the PyPI backend (no idea
>> about the implementation - any RDBMS involved) then there are likely
>> volunteers taking over the resources for a mirror of the current backend.
> I don't think a mirror would help. If the original system is down,
> who would tell users to go to alternative locations?

zc.buildout supports this using the 'find-links' option. As said, the 
primary focus is for zc.buildout users (means the complete Zope & Plone 

>> Please tell us how a distributed PyPI backend would look like..one
>> requirement would be that the software and database part (if any) have
>> to be in a good shape - the last time I tried the PyPI software I have
>> not had the best impression.
> Again, I don't think that distribution improves anything - I rather
> would expect that it introduces new problems.

We already maintain a internal mirror of PyPI for a while (just because 
we have the need for having PyPI available _all_ the time for production 
reasons). And it works out pretty well.

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