[Catalog-sig] [Python-Dev] PyPI front page

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Nov 14 16:52:55 CET 2009

At 04:16 PM 11/14/2009 +0100, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> >
> > This was changed over a year ago; easy_install *does* use /simple by
> > default.  I would guess enough people are upgraded by now that PyPI need
> > no longer continue to support it.
>What was the first version that defaulted to /simple? I still see many
>users using 0.6c5. The oldest version that still had more than 100
>accesses in November was 0.6c2 (used together with Python 2.1, 2.4, and
>2.6). Do you have a feeling what "enough people" would be?

Ouch.  0.6c9 is over a year old, so 0.6c5 is quite 
ancient.   Checking the revision history, 0.6c7 changed the default 
URL to use the /simple index, and 0.6b4 added support for 'rel' link handling.

That means that any requests from a "setuptools" user-agent (that 
string was added in 0.6c1) should be safe to rewrite (not redirect, 
alas) as /simple/ when they request /pypi/.  Any agents older than 
0.6c1, however, can't even be detected.

Do you have any stats on hits by "python urllib" user agents to the 
/pypi/ page?  My guess is that these will all actually be pre-0.6c1 
setuptools instances.

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