[Catalog-sig] PyPI down again...

Justin Ryan justin.ryan at reliefgarden.org
Sat Jun 12 21:48:23 CEST 2010

Thanks, Martin, for taking the conversation offline to be a real jerk. ;)

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 1:27 AM, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:
>> The question, I think, is what steps can we take to begin alleviating
>> each other's worries?
>> I understand I'm a bit vague, I'm just trying to raise my hand and say
>> hey, let me volunteer.
> Ok, so write code.

I was looking for guidance as to what to do.

This common response really pisses me off.  It's unclear exactly what
code needs to be written.

>> I think Chris Withers and some others have been doing same.  People
>> say to email psf, and then when I do, that it's inappropriate, I think
>> we just want some direction on contribution we can make that won't
>> disappear into politic.
> I'm not quite sure what specific problem you want to solve. Or, if it's not
> a specific problem, what general problem you want to solve.

PyPI is fucking down all the time you nincompoop.

> My observation over the years is this: everything works fine for some time,
> and there are *zero* contributors. Then, a small problem occurs,
> and people offer help and demand drastic changes. Then the problem gets
> solved, and people disappear again.

So, turn away help, because we can all go to hell.  I've seen a
problem for a year and I joined the catalog-sig for other reasons, but
find that people ask questions which aren't answered.

Your attitude is very much like a senior employee who is about to get
fired for being unpalatable.

But you can't be fired by the community, so you'll continue to reign
and noone should offer to help because someone you thought would help
in the past didn't.

>> Question is, I guess:
>>  What, exactly, should I do?
>> Why should I be directing the PyPI leader?
> I thought you had a proposal on how to solve the problem at hand.
> So I wasn't asking for direction, but for advise.

Like most people in all general e-mail communication of the world, you
didn't read the thread closely enough to determine who said what.

I responded to a proposal by someone who you completely ignored.

I can see what is wrong with PyPI, Martin.  I think it's painfully clear.

Anyway, I won't offer to help ever again, promise.  I'll just complain
until you fix things.

Peace, Love, and Go to Hell.

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