[Catalog-sig] PyPI template improvements

Simon de Vlieger simon at ikanobori.jp
Wed Jun 16 23:15:56 CEST 2010

Hey all,

the recent activity on this mailinglist has kickstarted my  
contributing sense. As long as the mirroring debate is still ongoing I  
will focus my efforts somewhere else. Namely: the HTML/Javascript/CSS.  
This email has also been submitted to the distutils-sig list as a lot  
of power users of PyPI are on there.

In this regard I have a few questions before I really dig into these  

- - Is there a list of improvements, maybe a nice TODO of points which  
people want to see improved?
- - How are design changes handled, is there a committee to run them  
through? People who decide on what gets in and what not? (I'll outline  
some of my first thoughts lower in this mail)
- - What are the supported browser versions by PyPI, I reckon it's  
IE6/7/8+, Fx 2+, Opera 9+ Safari 4+?

The changes I have on my personal 'todo list' are:
- - Add labels to all forms.
- - Make tables consistent width (see for example the table in the top  
of the "Browse packages" page and compare with the table when you  
actually select one of the classifiers).
- - Restyle the metadata display on package pages and move it up in  
the page.
- - Have downloads readily available on the right side of the screen  
(at least the latest release).
- - Look sternly at the top right floating account information page.
- - Look at the your details page where the form does not align with  
the right floating profile box.
- - Make one consistent styling for all forms. Include help texts in  
all forms.

There are more things I want to do, but this is the start.

I have already cloned Tarek's PyPI clone on Bitbucket and I'll add my  
changes there.

Is there anything you guys (and the users) would really like to see  


Simon de Vlieger-

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