[Catalog-sig] PyPI template improvements

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Jun 16 23:51:17 CEST 2010

> - - Is there a list of improvements, maybe a nice TODO of points which
> people want to see improved?

The bug tracker: sf.net/projects/pypi

> - - How are design changes handled, is there a committee to run them
> through? People who decide on what gets in and what not? (I'll outline
> some of my first thoughts lower in this mail)

No. There are virtually no design changes being proposed that actually 
come with a patch, so nothing needs to be decided on.

> - - What are the supported browser versions by PyPI, I reckon it's
> IE6/7/8+, Fx 2+, Opera 9+ Safari 4+?

What do you mean by "supported"? Officially supported, so that you can 
make a help desk call if it won't work? None.

Or do you mean that the browser should be able to use the site? All of 
them, plus any other browser you can think of, including Lynx and wget.

> The changes I have on my personal 'todo list' are:
> - - Add labels to all forms.

Please submit a patch. I have no clue what a label of a form is.

> - - Make tables consistent width (see for example the table in the top
> of the "Browse packages" page and compare with the table when you
> actually select one of the classifiers).

Again, please submit a patch.

> - - Restyle the metadata display on package pages and move it up in the
> page.

Please submit a patch; this would probably need to get support of this list.

> - - Have downloads readily available on the right side of the screen (at
> least the latest release).

Not sure what that means; please submit a patch.

> - - Look sternly at the top right floating account information page.

Hmm. Whom do you want to look sternly?

> There are more things I want to do, but this is the start.

The key here really is "I ... do". This sounds good.


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