[Catalog-sig] [Proposal] Registered packages must provide the source code distribution on PyPI

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Thu Jun 17 20:03:47 CEST 2010

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Mark Ramm wrote:
>> How do you ensure the availability of the index and the packages at
>> any time?
> By keeping our server up, and not depending on pypi.   If our server
> goes down, packages will become unavailable, but if you want a mirror
> for a particular revision of tg and all it's dependencies you can just
> grab a copy of

Would you use PyPI as download server or as primary location if it would
be more reliable or having a usuable mirroring infrastructure?

The point: of course I can create own internal mirror - but do we really
want or need that? My business is building software - not mirrors or
workarounds for a missing or unreliable package infrastructure.

Side note: just checked CPAN - CPAN has 228 official mirrors, PyPI has
no official mirrors (only four or five) inofficial mirrors as part of
the PyPI mirroring project).

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