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Austin Godber godber at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 15:19:15 CET 2010

After sleeping on it and rereading your message Issac, I had the following
thought.  If it is acceptable to constrain yourself to Ubuntu on EC2 I would
look at the provisioning stuff thats already built into Canonicals Ubuntu


It seems simple enough that you would only need to dedicate a little time
learning about it.  Its built right into the image.  The cloud-config
section will save you from having to script really common things like
apt-get update and package installs.

Check out this and other examples in the same directory:

This buys you the flexibility of custom scripts with a bit more structure
that should simplify things in the long run.  If you end up doing a lot of
config file munging though it could get messy.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Austin Godber <godber at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been playing with Chef quite extensively for the last three weeks.
>  Its definitely capable and the combination of the "knife" command line tool
> plus the centralized server are very compelling.  I think I have just about
> fully automated deploys of the Crunch.io dashboard (apache+wsgi) at this
> point.  Though for smaller numbers of servers I might agree with  Morgan.
>  Though I think getting good at chefs templates and attributes could be
> really flexible once you've got the learning under your belt.
> After you, Isaac, talked about Green Unicorn I thought I would try
> switching to it, so I may be writing a chef cookbook for it.
> In my mind, Kokki's python implementation is not a strong enough draw to
> give up the /relative/ maturity of chef.  If its a simple reimplementation
> for pythons sake without truly trying to improve on chef it would really be
> pointless for me.  Chef has been really quite comprehensive so far.  I think
> I would spend too much time implementing config management if I used Kokki.
>  I have already implemented enough brittle config management.
> Maybe if I get ambitious tomorrow (I think I have all my stupid leaves
> raked) I could do the green unicorn + nginx + postgres implementation I have
> been thinking about in chef and show you how it works.  I might be drinking
> the cool-aid though.  Granted, I have a good perspective for thinking about
> these sorts of things and I think chef definitely has legs in a good number
> of situations.  Actually, I could keep talking here ... but I won't, maybe I
> will just show you guys when I do my presentation.
> Austin
> On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 11:28 AM, Issac Kelly <issac.kelly at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Cool, thanks Morgan.
>> Yeah, I was thinking that at least the beginning stages could be done
>> pretty easily with fabric and [libcloud][1]
>> Austin, do you have any words of wisdom here?
>> [1]: http://incubator.apache.org/libcloud/
>> On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 10:15 AM, Morgan Goose <morgan.goose at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Issac,
>>> Interestingly enough, that project was started in the #fabric room on
>>> freenode
>>> and has a room a few months ago IIRC.  It's utalizing fabric as it's
>>> underlying
>>> communication library, and ends up being a loose set of functions to
>>> "organize"
>>> some fabric stuff into good bits for package management.
>>> I've not used it, and most likely wont, as I feel a one time start script
>>> like
>>> that can be implemented with a good use of a cloud api provider, and some
>>> simple lines of bash for the apt-gets.
>>> If you pop into either channel I think bitprophet (the main fabric dev)
>>> uses
>>> some cloud'y stuff. And the kokki dev may be lurking in there, or at
>>> lease in
>>> the #kokki room.
>>> goose
>>> On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 09:43:30AM -0500, Issac Kelly wrote:
>>> >    I finally got all of my new projects switched over to fabric + git
>>> for
>>> >    deployment. �The big missing piece now is actually setting up the
>>> box.
>>> >    There seem to be a few big projects in the FOSS world (Puppet and
>>> Chef are
>>> >    quite popular in ruby) and then there's this outlier that, even from
>>> my
>>> >    Python friends I've heard noting about ([1]
>>> http://samuelks.com/kokki/)
>>> >    have any of you used this? �What do you use for deployment
>>> management or
>>> >    server management in general?
>>> >
>>> >    My needs are generally very very basic:
>>> >
>>> >    ) Fire up an instance of Ubuntu (Latest LTS) on
>>> [Rackspace|AWS|Slicehost]
>>> >    ) Add general dev tools (build-essential, git-core, svn, mercurial
>>> >    ) Add my Python toolchain (python, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper,
>>> pil)
>>> >    ) Add Postgres [sometimes GDAL, PostGIS ...]
>>> >    ) Add�psycopg2
>>> >    ) Add nginx // supervisord
>>> >    ) (And now, run fab locally to deploy something)
>>> >    I would like to automate everything except the last step
>>> >
>>> > References
>>> >
>>> >    Visible links
>>> >    1. http://samuelks.com/kokki/
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