[CentralOH] 道場 Notes

jep200404 at columbus.rr.com jep200404 at columbus.rr.com
Tue Aug 9 19:43:44 CEST 2011

I learned much. 

Here are miscellaneous notes from last night's dojo. 

SQLAlchemy notes

   The homework seems pretty reasonable for this newbie. 
   Thanks to Mark for getting me through the "hello world" stage. 

   A new version of the homework is available. 
   It is only slightly different from that passed out on USB 
   flash drive at PyOhio. If I recall correctly, most of the 
   differences were about where to wrap lines. 

   git clone https://github.com/mitechie/sqlalchemy_pyohio2011 
   worked great at home after the dojo. (unlike the previous week)


   Ad hoc browsing of movies.db with sqlite3 is nifty. 

   Extra software needed to be installed. Fortunately, they were 
   available as packages (albeit older versions) in Synaptic, 
   so I did not have to install anything "behind the back" of 
   the (debian style) package management system of Bodhi. 

   Need to play with virtualenv that was discussed at a cohpy 
   meeting a few months back. 

Meeting Room at Westland Area Library: 

   Excellent tables with plenty of chairs. 
   screen, but no LCD projector seen
   A few AC outlets around periphery of room


      decent signal on 802.11b
      very strong signal on 802.11g

      There is no login page, but there is _strange_ "content" 
      filtering. It seems that there was traffic blocked based on 
      browser ID (not content of web site). 
      Be prepared to fiddle with that. 

      synaptic (apt-get) traffic was not blocked. 

   Front door had some notice about no drinking, smoking, or 
   eating. There are plenty of nearby eateries. 

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