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## My Talk

The site is at:

You have to be an administrator to add books, so if you want to do that, let
me know and I'll up your privleges.

This is pretty close to markdown, so it might look better if you paste it
into a markdown viewer like http://www.raindance.co.nz/markdown/demo.lsd

The code is at:


To build the project:

* A] Have Python

* B] have virtualenv + virtualenvwrapper

* C] mkvirtualenv cohpy

* D] git clone http://github.com/issackelly/cohpy2011.git

* E] cd cohpy/cohpy_project

* F] pip install -r requirements/project.txt

* G] createdb cohpy # postgres
* OR

* G] touch local_settings.py # copy DATABASES to local_settings.py

* * change postgres_psycopg2 to sqlite3

* * change name to dev.db

* H] python manage.py upgradedb --execute # This is nashvegas, what my
deployment environment uses for migrations

* OR #   normal (no migration framework would be)

* H] python manage.py syncdb --noinput

* OR # South -- my current preferred way to migrate

* H] python manage.py syncdb --noinput && python manage.py migrate

* I] python manage.py createsuperuser (makes your first user..)

* J] python manage.py runserver


go to http://localhost:8000 in your browser to try it out.


next time you work on the project

A] workon cohpy; cd Projects/cohpy/cohpy_project

B] python manage.py runserver

## If you need help.

there is a django-users mailing list, and a #django room on irc.freenode.net

We also have a #cohpy room on irc.freenode.net, that i'm in basically
anytime I'm working, I promise to be helpful if I can.

## Welcome To Django, I Hope you like it Here.

Other Developer Driven Interactive Agencies Focused on Django.


* Kelly Creative Tech

* Revsys

* Eldarion

* Lincoln Loop

* Urban Airship

* Caktus

* Bread-And-Pepper

* Maykin Media

* Oddbird

Individual Developers of Note


* Jacob Kaplan-Moss (jacobian.org)

* Alex Gaynor (Alex_Gaynor kingkilr)

* Jannis Leidel (jezdez)

* Russell Keith-Macgee (freakboy3742)

* Eric Holscher (ericholscher // surfingkansas.com)

* Danny Greenfeld (pydanny)

* Brian Rosner (brosner)

* Carl Meyer (carljm)

* James Tauber (jtauber)

* Simon Wilison (simonw)

* Adrian Hovolati (?)

* Kevin Fricovsky (montylounge)

* Luke Hatcher (lukeman)

* Malcolm Trednick

* Justin Lilly (jlilly)

* Daniel Lindsey (toastdriven)

* James Bennett (ubernostrum)

* Eric Floranzo (ericflo)

* Idan Gazit (idan)

* Curt Micol (asenchi)

... lots lots more.

Some Cool Projects built on Django


* Disqus

* Rdio

* ReadTheDocs

* MochiGames

* Layar

* Everyblock

The Django Pony


The Django Pony is the unofficial mascot.  Some people think it's too silly
to be proper.  Those people don't have souls.

For a language named after a very silly acting group, a web app framework
built on top of it can have a silly mascot.

Media and Sites of Interest


* [Official Django Docs][docs]

* [Django Packages][dp]

* [Reddit][reddit]

* [DjangoDose][djangodose]

* [Django Weekly][djangoweekly]

Some Big Organizations that use a lot of Django




* Discovery

* Vodafone

* Sanoma Digital

Great Projects worth looking into/reading the docs of


* South - db migrations (Schema/Code)

* Tastypie - api creation

* Haystack

* django-pagination - very easy pagination

* django-filter - nice filter library for lists of objects

* Pinax

* Taggit - tagging library

* django-uni-form - I have a fork of this that works with the fieldsets from
django-form-utils listed below... I use my own fork of this project

* django-basic-apps - this is where I got the library from

* django-model-utils and django-form-utils - Great projects for some small,
but often-used use cases.

* easy-thumbnails -- this is a fork of sorl.thumbnail, the most recent one
is different than the one I started with, I happen to like easy-thumbnails
more, and it has the same API.

* django-servee - wysiwyg editing of your models.  the documentation is
currently way too sparce for this, but suffice it to say, I'm working on

Watch These Talks


* Reusable Apps (James Bennett)

* State of Pinax (Brian Rosner)

Things you should know about Python


* PEP-8

* virtualenv - virtualenvwrapper

* pip



* [Django Gigs] [djangogigs]

* [django community page] [dcp]

    [dcp]: http://www.djangoproject.com/community/

    [djangogigs]: http://djangogigs.com/

    [djangodose]: http://djangodose.com/

    [djangoweekly]: http://djangoweek.ly/

    [docs]: http://docs.djangoproject.com

    [reddit]: http://reddit.com/r/django/

    [dp]: http://djangopackages.com
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