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Brian Costlow brian.costlow at gmail.com
Sun May 4 15:42:28 CEST 2014

Hey folks,

Just a quick note about PyOhio 2014.

The conference will take place the last weekend in July, this year the 26th
and 27th, at the Ohio Union, The Ohio State University.

Our call for proposals is nearly over, it closes on May 15th. We have some
fantastic talks already submitted. But PyOhio has always been committed to
finding great new speakers, and we don't have as many first-timers as we'd
like. So if you've never given a talk before, consider making this your
year. If you want help with a proposal, contact me (brian.costlow at gmail)
and I'll match you up with a mentor who will give you a hand. Not a first
time speaker, but know something cool about Python? We want to hear about
it too.


Conference registration is now open. As always, attending PyOhio is
absolutely free! Just select Free PyOhio 2014 Admission. But if you want
the cool commemorative T-Shirt, you'll need to purchase one in advance.
Purchasing also registers you, so you don't need to pick both. All profit
(after we pay the supplier) is used to fund PyOhio, and keep it free to


Thanks to a generous grant from the PSF, we will be offering two
PyKids/Young Coder's classes this year, one Saturday and one Sunday, so we
can teach 50 kids Python. Registration will open in mid-July. Barb
Shaurette, one of the program originators, is coming up to run things for
us. We'll also be working with some Columbus youth organizations to give
some disadvantaged kids—who otherwise could not even get to a free class—a
chance to attend.

If you are an adult, and new to Python, we're once again partnering with
TriPython to hold a week long python bootcamp class, from July 21 through
July 25.


This year we have a great new location for sprints. Pillar Technology,
about a five minute drive away, will be hosting sprints from 6 PM-11 PM
July 25, 26 and 27. Their facility, the Forge has lots of space, is set up
for coding, and has craft brew on tap. We'll bring in food.


As always, we could not put on PyOhio without generous support from the
Python community. Our thanks to Eventbrite, New Relic, Rackspace, Caktus,
Intellovations, Wingware, O'Reilly, and No Starch Press for their
sponsorship of PyOhio 2014. This year our costs are up, and the number of
sponsors are down. If your company uses Python, consider asking them to
sponsor the conference. Sponsorship packages start as low as $500.

If you or your company want to help us out, but can only donate a lower
amount, you can donate via Eventbrite. Scroll down to the bottom of the
registration page.

As always, thanks for speaking, volunteering, funding, and coming out and
attending PyOhio. The organizers just facilitate, all of you are what makes
PyOhio great.

Brian Costlow
Chair, PyOhio 2014
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