[CentralOH] October Monthly Meeting (and new location!)

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Fri Oct 18 16:49:48 EDT 2019

Our October monthly meeting will be Monday, October 28th at 6pm. We will be
meeting at the new Dublin Library in Meeting Rooms 2&3.There is free
parking either in the adjacent parking garage parking behind the library or
the nearby surface lot.

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This month we will be travelling to the new Dublin Library to hear Brian
Costlow talk, and if there is time, Ben Ogorek.

Brian's talk is titled "You Want me to Put What Where? A primer on multiple
assignment and sequence unpacking."

Starting with simple multiple assignment and tuple unpacking, we'll ramp up
to some advanced uses for dealing with structured, nested data.

Then we'll look at some alternate syntax for the left side of an assignment
that can clarify what we're assigning, as well as a technique that can
reduce the need for slicing.

We'll show how some of these techniques can be used to make more beautiful

We'll talk about mental models , a mental model for what's happening when
we do multiple assignments -- and how giving new developers proper mental
models for what's happening helps avoid bugs.

To reinforce our mental model, we'll use the dis module to disassemble the
bytecode of some multiple assignment statements.

If there is time, Ben Ogorek will be talking about a package he is
developing called "datascroller" (https://github.com/baogorek/datascroller)
that allows data scientists to easily scroll a data frame interactively in
the console. It's based on the curses library.

NOTE CHANGE IN VENUE! We will be meeting at the new Dublin Library in
Meeting Rooms 2&3. There is free surface lot or parking garage parking
behind the library.

We will promptly end at 8pm and adjourn across the street to Brazenhead
(not on 5th :-).

RSVP Here:

Hope to see you there!
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