[CentralOH] Thank you for joining us this evening!

Damien Calloway damiencalloway at fastmail.com
Mon Jul 26 21:48:58 EDT 2021

Hello !

Thank you for joining us for the July 2021 COhPy meeting ! We discussed 
Qtile, and 20 of you came. This is a version of my talk at PyOhio 2021, 
which a virtual event this Saturday 31 July 2021 :


The Qtile project is here : http://www.qtile.org/

Documentation is here : https://docs.qtile.org/en/latest/

DistroTube has the best YouTube videos on Qtile I can find, and his 
playlist is here : 

A couple of questions came up :

Yes, you can do stacking - this is the default layout, but you are not 
limited to only this.

Yes, you can mouse at anytime - the clips I showed were of mostly 
keyboard operation, but you are still in a GUI, and you can use the 
callback hooks to make your own mouse callbacks as well. That's the 
beauty of Qtile - it's all Python, no shell or C required.

Even if you never use it, you should still take a look at the code to 
see how a non-trivial Python application looks.

Are you new ? Two things :

1) Automate the boring stuff - https://automatetheboringstuff.com/

That book is awesome, and is also freely hosted on the author's website. 
Highly recommended

2) Python dojo !

We meet in person at:
Smokehouse Brewing Company
1130 Dublin Rd
Columbus, OH 43215

On Thursdays from 6p-8p

- Damien

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