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Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Wed Jan 4 22:51:59 CET 2006

Jason R Huggins wrote:
> Michael Tobis wrote on 01/04/2006 03:10:43 PM:
>>I'm OK with meeting in Downer's especially if Martin can show up and
>>explain the winner's multiple radix trick to me. I am happy to offer
>>the Monadnock through most of the year; also I think I can swing
>>something at the downtown Loyola campus now.
> I'd also like to offer ThoughtWorks' downtown Chicago office again. (Yet 
> again, pending my ability to show up!)
> ThoughtWorks has been sponsoring the past few Chicago Ruby meetups... I'd 
> like to see TW get some Python love, too.

Can we plan for February?  It would be nice to think ahead.  And we 
already have Brant doing Civ 4, right?  We should ask for evaluation 
copies for the group too.

>>Anyone for Module of the Month?
>>Anything else topical? Time for yet another Web frameworks showdown?
> I'd like to present VPython (aka vpython.org... aka "visual python"... aka 
> the "visual" module).
> VPython is a very simple, but very cool 3d framework. I've been using it 
> to create and animate some electromechanical prototypes I've been scheming 
> to build these past few years. So I'll present the 3d framework, but the 
> meta-presentation is to show off my whiz-bang "3d machine" that only 
> exists in (3d) Python code now, but pending the right match up with some 
> Japanese keiretsu, will make me the next Steve Jobs.... or broke. :-)

Cool, pictures are fun.  Honestly the web can get a little boring 
sometimes ;)

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