[Chicago] Looking for a web host

Robare, Phil PRobare at chx.com
Wed Mar 22 15:51:51 CET 2006

I am going to need to get a new web domain soon and would like some
advice from those more knowledgeable about who's good and what makes for
a good deal, gotcha's to watch out for, etc.  It will probably be pretty
simple, mostly static content but with some CGI (in Python of course);
more images than text (it's for a photographer); mail forwarding and sub
domains are also desired; possible web commerce in the future.

So, any advice where I should go and what I should expect to pay.
Looking around I see some places with prices so low I know they can't be
doing much more than supplying electricity.  Others want to smother you
in the soft fluffyness of their proprietary web page design software
(one place I looked at talked about how you get up to four(!) web pages
with their intro package), others require you to run Windoze and access
them through some sort of client.  That may be fine for mass market but
I am looking for something like a basic Apache on Linux package.

Thanks in advance.


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