[Chicago] [PyCON-Organizers] PyCon 2008 Hotel Update -- (Networking & Space & a 2009 option)

David Goodger goodger at python.org
Tue Mar 20 14:28:50 CET 2007

On 3/20/07, Sean Reifschneider <jafo at tummy.com> wrote:
> It is not unusual to plan an event like PyCon 2 years out.  In fact, my
> experience is that coming up with a venue for 1 year out is optimistic and
> a lot of locations will already be committed for the more desirable dates.
> So, planning to move 2009 to another location, I would say, is past due,
> and 2010 should be done by around when PyCon 2008 happens.

Agreed. I'm still open to 2009 somewhere else, if someone wants to
push for it, but happy to stay in Chicago. We should decide on 2009 in
the next 6 months, and I want to nail down 2010 around this time next
year (perhaps at PyCon). I don't relish having to go through this
process 3 times in 12 months. I have a real job too ;-)

We can always come back to Chicago, or Dallas (but in a bigger venue),
or DC (ditto), in future years, once the locals have had time to

David Goodger <http://python.net/~goodger>

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