[Chicago] DreamWorks Animation Hiring - Technology Positions - 5/8/07

Brian W. Fitzpatrick fitz at red-bean.com
Wed May 9 22:34:24 CEST 2007

On 5/9/07, Adam Jenkins <emperorcezar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Python job postings. Especially for a well known place like Dreamworks
> are always welcome with me.

OK then where do we draw the line?  Is it OK for any well known
company with a Python job anywhere in the US to post job openings
here?  What about in the world?

I just find these sort of "shotgun" type spam postings to be annoying.
 It's one thing if you've got Python jobs open here in Chicago, but in
California?  Come on--if we're OK with that, then it's just a matter
of time until this list becomes yet another recruiter spam trap for
unimaginative recruiters across the US.

Just my $0.02


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