[Chicago] next meeting talk- topic request

Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 18:44:35 CET 2007

On 11/5/07, Scott Zibble <zibble at gmail.com> wrote:
> It looks like Thursday's meeting is still a little light on presentation
> topics.
> Does anyone want to step up and give a talk on... well, anything?
> Also, I realize this is very late, but does anyone have a venue they could
> arrange on such short notice?  While I should be able to offer up 180 N. La
> Salle in most instances, I'm going to be in New York for most of this week.
> And arranging security details while offsite will be difficult.

I'd say this week is slipping by at an alarming rate (in more ways
than one for me!)

... if folks don't mind postponing the meeting until next week,
Thursday Nov 15, I could try and whip up a talk on Open Social...

Since it is the "latest rage" I figure someone might be interested in
it.  It may turn into an audience participation however since I am
still learning what it is myself.  But I do have a sandbox now on
Orkut to test apps in.  What does this have to do with Python??  Good
question!  I'm sure I'll think of an answer by next Thurs ;)

If Harper is listening, what is the availability for meeting at Skinny Corp ?


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