[Chicago] MacBook Pro

swg sgithens at caret.cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 13 18:35:32 CET 2007

Ted Pollari wrote:
>> Also, the ActiveState thing where they couldn't (or still can't)  
>> use the
>> gnu readline for the Python terminal always sucked up an hour or  
>> two of
>> the day to get working.
> If you're looking to use one of the more recent versions of Python,  
> simply pulling the OS X .dmg based installer from python.org will  
> give you readline support, if I'm not mistaken...
I'll definately try that the next time around.
>> After this, and several more cases of trying to
>> track down C libraries, I just stopped doing Python stuff on OS X ( I
>> usually use Linux anyways, if I used OS X for more than testing  
>> Safari,
>> I probably would have put more time into it )
> Hmm -- I must say, that all just sounds like the experience I had 3  
> years ago working with Python on OS X, but not my recent experiences.
> -t
Cool, it's definately been a while since I've done much OS X/Python'ing, 
but I'm glad to hear that the Python Distro's for it whipping up into Shape.

Speaking of alternative platforms, has anyone tried the Python support 
in OpenOffice lately?  I spent a couple days with it about a ago, and 
while it was kind of rough around the edges, it was still pretty awesome 
to script my Spreadsheet in Python instead of VB or OpenOffice Basic.  I 
have to make some moderately complicated spreadsheets soon, so I'm 
hoping to give it another whirl ( to do actual work, rather than just 
fiddle around :)  )


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