[Chicago] Help with PyCon Talk Proposals

Tim Ottinger tottinge at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 07:09:48 CET 2007

Feihong Hsu wrote:
> In a way, a Python/.NET integration talk might be a better choice than 
> "Python for C# programmers" because this would directly target C# 
> programmers who have already decided to learn Python, but who don't 
> yet understand all the snags that result from the differences between 
> the two platforms. Again, I'm not sure about how many people could 
> really be interested in this.
> There's also a different approach to go with this talk too, it could 
> also focus on how .NET can be used by Python programmers to handle 
> things that are weak spots for Python (handwriting recognition, speech 
> recognition, speech synthesis, scanner/camera integration, and OCR are 
> just run-of-the-mill libraries in .NET). But yeah, just because they 
> exist and they're easy to use doesn't mean I use them all that much.
I'd like to see a presentation (or at least slides) on .NET for Python.  
I don't know that I can make the meetings, but I would love to see the 


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