[Chicago] Coming to Meeting Tomorrow?

bray at sent.com bray at sent.com
Wed Sep 12 23:28:29 CEST 2007

You rock, Chris!

-- rant --

Thanks to all the great people involved in the club, its really easy to
organize a meeting. All you have to do is ask around for venues,
presenters, and send out the invite. Sometimes it involves making sure
security is cool... and obvious stuff. 

Organizing is really rewarding and fun. Even if your not a Type A! If
things do not go well, just say, "ok, lets all just go grab a beer,
instead." No big deal. When things *DO* go well (like this month) you
will see some interesting presenters and a great venue lined up.

Although Organizing is super easy, but not as easy as just showing up.
So you lamer lurkers remember that! Get off your lazie arses and Show Up
for man-kind's sake. Especially if you are interested in learning,
dabble in already, or live and die for Python!
-- end rant --

Cheers,  Brian

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