[Chicago] help from Django and Pylons developers

isaac nerkles at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 19:25:11 CEST 2008

> TurboGears (because TG2 is not that  different from Pylons+SQLAlchemy+Genshi)

Pretty drastic oversimplification of what's different about them. You
should do some more research on this one, or just don't say that. For
example, TG2 has ToscaWidgets and IIRC uses a different default JS lib
(is it still MochiKit?). (Which you could use w/Pylons or not.). At
PyCon, Mark Ramm explained it as a philosophical difference -- Pylons
is to Debian as TG2 is to Ubuntu. -- TG2 makes a lot of default
choices for you, Pylons lets you pick any components you want.

Re: web-based DB admin interface:
I'm not sure that having to add a plug-in or type 'script/generate
scaffold pizza' is quite the same thing as "no"

Re: Generic CRUD
same as previous comment

Re: Zero Installation
RoR (and SQLite3) is pre-installed on Macs since Leopard 10.5, so
that's not true in every situation.

Re: Zero Configuration
Considering that the default config files you get with Pylons, RoR,
and TurboGears (to my knowledge) work immediately without any tweaking
necessary, this is a very exaggerated claim (I can say from experience
that you can get pretty far along without ever touching those
files--not quite to deployment, but almost).

Re: Templates
Mako, Genshi, and ERB AFAIK don't *require* any indentation, but you
can use it if you want to make your templates more readable.

Re: I18N
RoR can do it, but it's not built in:

What do you mean by "CRUD methods"? Sounds like you mean REST? Anyway,
Pylons has the same routing ability as RoR ("Routes" is a direct port
-- see http://routes.groovie.org/), if that's what you mean.

Included Ajax Lib: Pylons uses WebHelpers, which includes
Prototype/Scriptaculous (it's an almost-port of Rails' ERB webhelpers:
mostly the same stuff)


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