[Chicago] brain todo list

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Mon Aug 25 00:00:32 CEST 2008

> 2. create announcement mail list - talk to skip?
> Skip (CC'd and also just posted to the list a second ago), if I recall,
> you were the one who helped us move our mail list to the Python server.
> We would like a separate Announcement only list for Chipy. Is this at
> all possible? We would be forever grateful.

Somehow it happened this mooning:

"The initial listowner (Chris) should already have gotten the announcement 
e-mail with the listowner password.  He can share that with Skip, or he can 
choose to change the password to something else and then share that with Skip."

> 4. http://anyvite.com - do this too, even if you only agreed to the
> first 3.
> Hey wait, Carl. Are you feeling ok? Here are your choices: 1) you tell
> us more on what your suggesting, 2) we get on this right away
> (bartender) or 3) we drink beer and forget you just said that

heck if I know.

> 5. post the movies I made.
> Ummm, the amature home-made ones or the ones of the ChiPy meetings. 

I did not have relations with any interns.

> ping me on irc about this. :D

No answer.

Carl K

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