[Chicago] XO for recording PyCon

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Feb 1 19:17:01 CET 2008

I am trying to arrange to record all 108 hours of PyCon audio and video. 
assuming I get the desired VGA capture device, I need a box with USB 2 and audio 
in.  I can provide an external HD.

Is there any reason the XO would not work for this?

What do I need to do to get my hands on one in the next week? (like by Feb 7 so 
I can get it all working by Feb 14 ChiPy meeting. ) and then if it works, can I 
get 4 more to use at PyCon?

It isn't the intended use, and I can understand if that causes this plan to be 

Having the web cam and built in mic would be handy too, assuming I can get it 
somewhat pointed at the stage, and get even a hint of what is coming from the 
house speakers (even if the quality is poor, it will help sync with other 
streams in post production editing.)

Carl K

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