[Chicago] web2py 1.20 is out

Tom Tobin korpios at korpios.com
Tue Feb 5 04:57:25 CET 2008

On 2/4/08, Daniel Griffin <dgriff1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am also confused. There seems to be 2 types of framework, the opinionated
> holier than thou kind(Ruby on Rails, Django) and the super flexible,
> everything to everybody kind like Pylons.

Woah — I really don't get the "holier than thou" appellation as
applied to Django (and neither does the rest of the Django community,
from what I've seen).  Djangonauts have pointed out time and again
that Django doesn't stop you from using other components — and people
*do* use other components.  Thing is, Python is such a fantastic
language that it's easier to roll your own component to do exactly
what you want than try to "shove" another component into a slot it
doesn't quite fit.  Nothing quite fit when Django was developed (this
being before its public release, since it was borne of a newspaper's
internal dev team), and the resulting components fit together like a
tailored suit.

In short: Django's components fit *Django* best, and plenty of the
userbase as well; if you only want that pair of trousers, or that
shirt, well, go ahead and mix it up — but don't blame us for wearing
the tailored outfit, and we won't say anything about the Hawaiian
shirt.  ;-)

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