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Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at imagescape.com
Wed Feb 13 16:51:40 CET 2008

Hot Doug's.

Okay, yeah it's a hot dog stand, but where else in the world can you
get rattlesnake sausage covered with blue cheese, chipotle mustard and
honey, with a side of duck fat fries?


Other than that, if you're in Andersonville or Lincoln Park (haven't
been to the Lincoln Park location yet myself), definetly check out
Icosium Cafe:


It's crepes, but really frickin' good crepes.  Both of the sweet and
the more dinner-ish variety.  I haven't yet brought a guest to chicago
there who hasn't been impressed.

"Anthony Rubin" <anthony.r.rubin at gmail.com> writes:

> On Feb 12, 2008 2:45 PM, Chris McAvoy <chris.mcavoy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> We have a mission.  For Pycon, there's going to be a "publication,"
>> which sounds mysterious, but is actually just going to be a program.
>> We've been asked to supply two things, 1) About Chicago and 2) Local
>> Restaurants and Tourist Spots.
>> We've had a gajillion of these discussions before, so pull out your
>> lists and respond to this email.  Tom Tobin and Sheila Kay (without
>> her knowing, hi Sheila!) have volunteered to pull the emails together
>> into a coherent lump, which will then be universally credited to
>> ChiPy.
>> Does this make sense?  Start suggesting.
>> Chris
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> I have a partial list here:
> http://del.icio.us/anthonyrubin/restaurant
> If I had to single out a few restaurants that are worth visiting while
> in Chicago:
> Frontera Grill - regional Mexican, James Beard award winner, Rick
> Bayless has a show on PBS
> Hopleaf - Belgian-style pub, amazing beer selection, amazing food
> Spoon Thai - Thai, be sure to get the Chicago tribune menu and the
> translated Thai menu
> Spacca Napoli - authentic Neapolitan style pizza and Italian
> Kuma's Corner - pub with metal theme, decent beer selection and
> interesting burgers named after metal bands
> I'll also mention that several chefs from higher end Chicago
> restaurants have been on Iron Chef America: Tru, Moto, Avenues.
> Anthony Rubin
> Chicago, IL
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