[Chicago] Jan '08 Video Posted and looking for advice

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Mon Jan 14 04:16:38 CET 2008


I posted the video and will be reposting a better quality version soon  
if some of you can help me work out the details (Disclaimer: I am  
totally new to recording and publishing video). If you can't wait here  
is the first try:


Admittedly, the quality is poor on my first try.  The aspect ratio I  
shot in was different than how I posted to Google Video--so its skewed  
to letterbox.  The video looks and sounds much better on my computer  
before I post. I shot the video in HD widescreen and went to mp4 the  
way the google video suggests in its FAQ. I am not sure I like the  
quality of any of the videos on a hosted web viewer solution versus  
the pod-casts I view through iTunes.  But, I am also concerned if  
other pod-cast readers are readily available (Linux? Windows?) so that  
all of you viewing can use any feed I produce.

If everyone can use this format, I would like to explore the option of  
using the mv4 format in the form of a podcast. IE, it would be nice to  
have a RSS feed just for meetings.  I did see a Python package called  
PyRSS2Gen http://www.dalkescientific.com/Python/PyRSS2Gen.html.  Does  
anybody know the correlation between the content of the RSS entry for  
video and the example used on this website? For instance, is the  
content of each entry just html pointing to the video data as a  
hyperlink? What do I need to consider if I want to optimize for  
devices like the iPhone and iPod?

Also, the video is kind of large in the mv4 or mp4 formats. Its like  
around 400-600Meg for 1 hour with the compressions I have available on  
my platform. Also, the video when digitized from the HD format takes  
60 Gigs. So, I do not really want to save the original data on disk.   
Also, I do not really want to host the data in the mv4 or mp4 formats  
on the ChiPy Server. Its just a lot of disk space and bandwidth. What  
other options do I have. Can I use a file hosting service in  
conjunction with a link from a RSS feed I do host on ChiPy Server?

Someone else suggested a torrent. I am not sure how this works either.

Like I mentioned before, I am a novice and do want to continue  
recording and sharing this information online. Any suggestions or  
advice? I am looking forward to learning but do not know where to start.

Brian Ray
bray at sent.com

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