[Chicago] requirements tracking in python

sheila miguez shekay at pobox.com
Thu Jan 24 17:22:48 CET 2008

Does anyone here know of a tool in python for handling requirements tracking?

(I have deja vu, have I already asked this?)

I think django would be a good fit, you could end up with a view for
the requirements doc, and views for traceability reports (and so on
and so forth, want to hear me babble ideas? scm integration would be
really cool link data to the src code? tie in comment tags (in
whatever language you are documenting))

At work I am driven crazy by the mish-mash of ways people pass on
requirements to me. I end up making charts on the wiki from their
requirements to my srs to my model -- this does not scale!

no, this is not overkill, yes it helps -- do you want a team to get to
the integration phase of a project only to find that they forgot to
implement a requirement?!



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