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Matt Dennewitz matt at datawaslost.net
Tue Jun 3 07:30:50 CEST 2008

You folks are all insane. Writing code isnt about crazy key combos or  
whomever can fracture the most carpals executing the sweetest macro;  
its about what you write and the thrill of building something and  
watching it come to life.

On Jun 2, 2008, at 9:43 PM, Cosmin Stejerean wrote:

>> I've heard this advice countless times, and tried it on several
>> occasions ... and I ultimately found it to make keystrokes *harder*.
>> I think this may result from three things:
>> 1) I also use my left pinky to hit the Alt/Option and Command keys;
>> using Caps as Control makes my pinky have to bounce back and forth
>> between the two areas, resulting in plenty of mis-strokes and/or
>> slowness as I "feel" for which key is Alt.
> You can use your pinky to press the Command key? Perhaps it depends
> based on the kind of keyboard but I just tried on a MBP and there's no
> way I could do that regularly without seriously injuring my hand. I
> generally use my thumb for the Command and Option keys.
>> 2) Caps as Control makes certain key combinations (e.g., Control-Z)  
>> difficult.
> Are you just changing capslock to Control or are you swapping them (so
> Control becomes Capslock)? I never use capslock so I get two Control
> keys by my left pinky so I can use whichever is most comfortable.
>> 3) My brain can't seem to handle context-based finger switching,
>> making Control-Shift-[key] combos a great big mess.
> How do you normally type Control-Shift combos? The recommended way
> would be to use the Control and Shift on opposite sides of the
> keyboard. But now that I think of it I don't think I've used
> Control-Shift combos much outside of Eclipse (and that was before I
> learned about Emacs key bindings in Eclipse).
> One of the big problems with using capslock as control is that it
> makes it nearly impossible to type on somebody else's computer.  I
> really wish I could find a laptop with a key layout similar to
> http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/advantage.htm (I use that for my desktop).
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