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Sat Nov 1 17:57:45 CET 2008


If you need a talk on a particular Python topic, I would be open to talk
about any of the following:

   * Co-routines
   * Context manager
   * Operator overloading
   * Lambda stuff
   * Object-orientated concepts (inheritance, properties, class
methods)...could talk about metaclasses but I still don't know how to
exactly code them or when would be the best time to use them

With Python modules tied to specific topics, I could discuss:

   * pybsddb (Python BerkeleyDB): compare/constrast BerkeleyDB with SQL
   * small parts of etree and pdis in a quick tutorial of how to do simple
screen scraping
   * mx for date/time management
   * ply...how to write a simple compiler (this might be better for a longer
talk of more detail)
   * xmlrpclib which I like to call "fun with XML-RPC"
   * twitter...one of the many python Twitter APIs

If you really gave me some motivation, I might be willing to quickly learn
the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework and give a short talk about it.

As for a meeting space, I am a fan of public library meeting rooms because
they are cheap and usually easily available. That would definitely put adult
beverages outside of the meeting scope, but it would likely encourage some
sort of post meeting dinner activity.


On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 11:27 AM, Brian Ray <bray at sent.com> wrote:

> Since nobody said they will organize for me, I guess I can do it again. I
> was just trying to pass the torch around a bit.
> Let's brain storm a bit:
>        * I have a projector
>        * Lets aim for a nice venue in the loop, this time (any offers,
> suggestions)
>        * Sounds like Pete Fein, stepped up to help or present
>        * Rosemont is evil
>        * David Durham may have something to present on (may not)
>        * There has been some talk about "integerated wiki + forums"
>        * There has been talk about CMS like Drupal, equivalents
>        * Steve Githens can talk about PyLucid
> Notes on the last two meetings: they were both successful but very
> different in content between each other.  The earlier of the two had lots of
> code on the screen samples. I love this.  The later one used lots of higher
> level theoretical / social talks.  Ideally, it would be nice to see
> presenters keep both ends of the spectrum in mind.  Its ok to show some
> Python code (well, unless its bad, but that still might be interesting).
>  Likewise, putting the code int o context is important.  Put code in
> context, show context in code. Make sense?
> I still liked it when we did a module of a month. We need to get back to
> basics and welcome newcomers.  Do not fear presenting on something really
> simple. Just keep things lively.  Ever thing about giving a presentation on
> one particular language feature?
> Your thoughts,
> Brian Ray
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