[Chicago] Looking for Python Developers

Richard Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 10 17:40:11 CEST 2008

Hey Everyone!

I just spoke to the big boss here at work (Cleversafe -
http://www.cleversafe.com) and he wanted me to contact some people I
know in search of a couple of Python developers. Right now the 2
positions would be contract based but there is always the potential for
that to change. I started out here doing contract/consultant work, but
they offered good stuff so I couldn't turn it down :)

Anyways, a brief background that I really like about Cleversafe:
 * Start-up (yes, been around for a few years, but we are still a
 * Open Source (yes, we do have A LOT of open source work, but there is
   some proprietary stuff here as well, but I think the Python devs will
   be working on open source stuff a majority of the time)
 * Awesome atmosphere (if you bring in the Wii, then we will have one :)
 * We create a distributed storage appliance

The 2 positions that were sent to me were:

Position 1)
	Python Developer with extensive web and Zope experience. Ideally
	someone who has worked on and customized Zenoss.

Position 2)
	Python Developer familiar with Zope and working with REST API's. To
	develop and test CLI's and for our open source and commercial
	project. Also to help write automated tests for a world wide
	dispersed storage network.

If you feel you could do this work, then please send your resume to me,
rjohnson at cleversafe.com. Provide me a little bit about your if I don't
know you personally. The job is located in West Loop (Fulton &
Desplaines), 6 blocks (10 minute walk) from Union, 3 blocks (5 minute
walk) from Olgave, a block from the Green line.

Thanks everyone, and I apologize for sending this out if your list does
not approve of this type of email.

Rich Johnson

224 N. Desplaines St., #500
Chicago, IL 60661

Office: +1 312 423 6640 x2319
Mobile: +1 630 445 3860
rjohnson at cleversafe.com

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