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If you went to school for computer science between 1998-ish to 2002-ish, then you likely picked up Java as one of your first programming languages, as many college CS departments switched from Scheme or C/C++ to Java. This effort received a lot of support from the textbook industry, who were eager to sell more overpriced textbooks.

When I ate dinner with Guido, he or someone else at the table made the observation that all the Python programmers he knew had at one time programmed in Perl.

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On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 02:31:27PM -0500, Robert Spelich wrote:
> I do get the impression, perhaps I am wrong, that a lot of Python developers
> also know Java or learned Java first. Is that a correct assessment?

I'd guess not, but I may all wrong, as I'm one who never has cared for
Java.  FWIW, the language I'd learned immediately prior to diving into
Python was PHP.  I refer to that as my lost year. :-(

Q: What do you get when programmers design a language
   while trying to get something else done?
A: PHP  -- Jeremy H. Brown
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