[Chicago] February Meeting

James Snyder jbsnyder at fanplastic.org
Tue Feb 3 04:04:37 CET 2009

I could talk about a couple of different areas, depending on level of interest:
- multiprocessing module that is present in 2.6 & 3.0 (and backported to 2.5).  It allows for pretty simple and easy dividing of work into multiple processes.
- NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib in general, recent developments or some interesting modules that depend on these.  I could take this in a few directions depending on how many people are familiar with these tools and at what level.
- Controlling and getting data from Arduino (microcontroller) using Python and Firmata. I could do a couple things here, but It'd probably involve visualizing data collected from sensors in real time (maybe an accelerometer) and/or controlling some servos.

Any interest in those?


----- "Brian Ray" <bray at sent.com> wrote:

> It's that time again...
> Who has something interesting to present?  A couple random thoughts:
>   * Should we ask Brantley to expand on his lightining talk people  
> loved so much.
>   * I think It would be nice to have a meeting dedicated to Ian  
> Bicking and his contribution to ChiPy/Python in the near future.
>   * We need to work in more language features in our meetings
>   * What should we be doing concerning PyCon at ChiPy meetings
>   * What does the number 42 have to do with Python, anyway?
>   * Now we are starting to have more scientists in the crowd, should 
> we cater some topics in the scientific realm?
>   * We covered Python on Mobile, what about python for pure GIS?
>   * What does accessing shared memory have to do with Python and
> multi- 
> core systems, anyway?
>   * What do these modules have in common and where do I get: hotshot, 
> pickle, optparse, urllib, pdb, inspect, subprocess, array, tempfile, 
> heapq
>   * Topics we have covered in the past that may be worth revisiting: 
> testing, packaging python projects, graphing, gui, threads...
>   * How do I get the management upstairs to accept Python, or do they 
> already?
>   * Hey I would switch to Python if it only had ....
>   * I never realized Python was embedded in so many places including: 
> Games, Text Editors, Database Systems, Wireless, ...
>   * Python is about as cool as Lisp for AI programming, because...
>   * I fed my dog with Python... and other projects I did with Python 
> in my garage.
>   * hehe, my kids thinks I taught them how to program computer games 
> in Python, when actually I taught them inductive reasoning
>   * Gees, if someone would just make the Python docs like the php  
> ones, I might switch... and why this will never happen.
>   * I wish I had some way to refactor, test and understand some  
> obsfucated code.
> What about a venue?  I posted the idea on the North Side bar, but got 
> no comments.  What other venue options should we consider?
> Yes, there are a lot of seeds. But, really we are just looking for  
> something you find interesting. Chances are if you find what your  
> working on interesting and you want to share, their will be others on 
> this list who may find them interesting, as well. Give it a shot.
> Thanks,
> Brian Ray
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