[Chicago] February Meeting

Cosmin Stejerean cosmin at offbytwo.com
Tue Feb 3 04:29:35 CET 2009

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 9:04 PM, James Snyder <jbsnyder at fanplastic.org>wrote:

> I could talk about a couple of different areas, depending on level of
> interest:
> - multiprocessing module that is present in 2.6 & 3.0 (and backported to
> 2.5).  It allows for pretty simple and easy dividing of work into multiple
> processes.
> - NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib in general, recent developments or some
> interesting modules that depend on these.  I could take this in a few
> directions depending on how many people are familiar with these tools and at
> what level.
> - Controlling and getting data from Arduino (microcontroller) using Python
> and Firmata. I could do a couple things here, but It'd probably involve
> visualizing data collected from sensors in real time (maybe an
> accelerometer) and/or controlling some servos.
+1 on all 3 topics.

Cosmin Stejerean
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