[Chicago] February Meeting Part II

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Wed Feb 4 22:24:58 CET 2009

The feedback for this meeting that needs sort out. Thanks in advance  
for everyone who stepped up to the plate. It will certainly be one of  
our best, if not the best ever...

I want to be fair and keep things moving at the same time.  If I  
missed you, or I read the feedback incorrectly, now is the time to  
complain. With that said, here is a very tentative plan:

James S -  (30) Arduino + python
hugs - (10) orb demo
Cosmin - (30) py2app and py2exe
Mossimo - (10) help port to linux
Scullin - (30) IBM's BlueGene /P  bcfg2

James S - (30) Scientific with NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib ...
Frank   - (30) Extend VIM
Kumar  - (45) Testing Ajax (PyCon)

Tim Ottinger - Agile
James S - Multiprocessing
Beer talks
Off topic talks

This is NOT final. Any feedback?

Brian Ray

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