[Chicago] ChiPy Needs your Help!

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Jan 5 20:08:07 CET 2009

sheila miguez wrote:
> It's ambitious so it would be good to get a list. I thought we were
> going to focus on dynamic languages, but with c and java et al it
> might be too ambitious.
> For tcl I was hoping to hear about tclkits vs eggs since I hear that eggs suck.

What's interesting would depend on the language, no?  I only want to 
hear about interesting stuff.  If tclkits are interesting, I'd like to 
hear about them.

How about as a comparison point: how is the language interestingly 
better than Python?  As an example: "it's faster" might be a case of 
"better" but it isn't really "interesting" (though maybe a short 
discussion of how type declarations enable runtime optimizations might 
be interesting -- I just don't think a laundry list of advantages is 

For instance, if I talked about Logo I'd probably talk only about its 
advantages as a teaching language.  For Smalltalk there's the persistent 
image, and how it breaks down the difference between code and objects.

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