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Ralph Green ralphgreen at yahoo.com
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We used Chart Director for several years, and were very happy with it.  While we used it for graphing, it is much more versatile if you need more.  We had a technical issue early on, and the support was great.
While this is not a graphing library, having the service worked out well for us.  We were able to use it for more than we originally intended.
-Ralph Green

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Take a look at ChartDirector at http://www.advsofteng.com/.  We've been 
using their Python version for a while and have found it to be easy to 
work with, has lots of flexibility in terms of graph layout and 
decoration, and it draws impressive graphs pretty quickly.

It's a commercial library - depending on what you're doing it might not

be appropriate or might get expensive, but for a centralized webapp it's 
not bad. 


Jason Abate
Panopta | We see it all
jason at panopta.com

chicago-request at python.org wrote:
> Any thoughts on the most awesomest graphing library for Python? 
> I need something that's free of weird commercial licenses, obviously. 


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