[Chicago] ChiPy Planning Time

Clyde Forrester ccf3 at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 4 01:19:00 CEST 2009

Parking? Transportation? (Blue Line. Right?)

John Stoner wrote:
> All that shouldn't be a problem. I'm at the space now, and I just
> walked around and counted seats, and we have 35. 10 or so more should
> be easy to provide. More is possible, but if 'someone big decides to
> drop in,' we'll probably need some warning.  We have wifi. we can get
> a projector, we have big white walls that work well for projecting.
> We also have lots of other stuff: servers, a drill press, a forge,
> soldering irons, a sewing/crafting area, a couple RepRaps(3d printers)
> in various stages of construction... we can make just about anything
> you want. A tour after your meeting will probably be in order.
> Just so's we're clear, are we talking Thursday the 8th? 7pm?

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