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Wed Sep 8 18:15:24 CEST 2010

Chicago Python User Group

This will be our best meeting ever. Facility kindly provided by Sully's
house http://www.sullyshouse.com/.  Food sponsor is Imaginary Landscape

We all know the JIT time compiled meeting are the best. Brantley, one of
ChiPy most famed presenters, will tackle a solution in the hot topic are
of NoSQL.  Chad Glendenin will wield his SSH kungfo life on the big

This will be the best meeting ever.


Thursday, September 9th, 7pm.  


 * Redis / the Python Redis client for NoSQL key/value stores --
 Brantley Harris
 * Python and Fabric (http://fabfile.org/) for SSH tasks  -- Chad
 * Lightening talks


Note location has changed, new location::
  Sully's House Tap Room & Grill
  1501 North Dayton Street
  Chicago, IL 60642
  (773) 244-1234
  Subway: North/Clybourn

About the group
ChiPy is made up of people of all levels of programming and Python
knowledge. At every meeting we have had both beginning programmers,
people who are just starting to use Python, as well as experienced
Python programmers. Don't be intimidated about coming to a meeting.

Note that ChiPy is not a formal organization. We collect no dues,
elect no officers, and keep no roster. Signing up for the mailing list
carries no obligation. Nor does showing up at the meetings. Nor, at
least so far, does anything else we have done, although we always
appreciate it when our presenters show up. (They usually do!)


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