[Chicago] Prudence

Tal Liron tal.liron at threecrickets.com
Mon Sep 27 10:18:33 CEST 2010

Hey ChiPy,

After more than a year of development, I'm happy to announce a release 
candidate for Prudence:


Yes, yet another web development framework for Python. Yawn. But this 
one is a bit different:

1. Embraces the JVM. That means Jython-centric, with some limited 
support for Jepp (real CPython on the JVM, bleh).

2. Designed ground-up for REST. Nothing about HTTP is hidden from you. 
You know, HTTP is actually really useful.

3. Non-blocking I/O and other adult thinking about concurrency.

4. Probably the most sophisticated caching system you've seen in a web 
development platform.

5. No data layer -- add your own. The example app uses SQLAlchemy. (I 
have other apps talking to MongoDB.)

6. Ready-to-rumble package -- just download, and will run on any JVM 
platform. Tested on Linux, OpenSolaris, OS X and Windows. Ubuntu 
repository FTW.

I'd be happy to give a presentation to ChiPy on "Advanced Caching with 
Prudence". Even if you never use Prudence, you might get jealous and try 
to implement some of these tricks in your own platform of choice.

Can I get a +1?

A future presentation could also be about Scripturian, the underlying 
library that makes Jython work well in highly concurrent environments. I 
had to do a lot of hacking in the Jython source code, and learn things 
that no man should have to know.



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