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William Scullin wscullin at alcf.anl.gov
Thu Sep 23 23:51:02 CEST 2010

For puppet type roles, at work we use bcfg2. For many of our local
projects, I've really liked Fabric:


I've also been playing with Kokki for some personal work:

Overall, I guess the real question is: what are you trying to do and
at what scale?

- William

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 9:16 AM, Tal Liron <tal.liron at threecrickets.com> wrote:
>  Sure, you can write your scripts in any language. But, what of your script
> uses a Python 2.6 feature and you happen to be deploying to a platform that
> has 2.4? Welcome to the world of today, of major Linux distributions.
> Of course, I'm recommending Bash here, but it has a lot of the same
> problems. There are differences between *BSD, GNU and Solaris userland that
> can make or break. I guess I prefer Bash because these differences are old,
> documented and stable. "Agile" languages are quickly moving targets for
> deployment.
> My problem with Chef was first installing it: getting dependencies at their
> right versions, and then making sure that clients and servers had the exact
> same version, because Chef spits out strange error messages if it doesn't.
> The promise of Chef/Puppet is really nice -- to abstract the painful
> differences between deployment targets. But I think the projects themselves
> have a ways to go.
> -Tal
> On 09/23/2010 09:03 AM, sheila miguez wrote:
>> what happened?
>> also, I thought people also wrote recipes in python?
>>> On Sep 23, 2010 1:05 AM, "Tal Liron" <tal.liron at threecrickets.com
>>> <mailto:tal.liron at threecrickets.com>> wrote:
>>>  I had miserable experience getting Chef to actually work. And Puppet,
>>> too, for that matter. If you have to deploy your deployment solution,
>>> something is very wrong.
>>> Bash is ugly but portable and works. It pays to learn it well.
>>> -Tal
>>> On 09/22/2010 08:12 PM, Garrett Smith wrote:
>>> >
>>> > Does anyone here love Chef? Thinking about tossin...
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