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I am reposting this from every block due to member's previous interest
in using Python as a teaching tools in such settings. The Q2L in New
York did some Pythonic thinking (Codeworlds) stuff
http://q2l.org/node/14 in the past.

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A neighbor posted a new message in Chicago Quest area at 9:42 a.m.:

Chicago Quest open house tonight

A new charter middle school, Chicago Quest, is opening this fall at
1443 Ogden. Its mission is to apply the principles of game design and
problem solving to teaching and learning. (Its sister school is the
highly successful Quest to Learn in New York: http://q2l.org.)

They're having an open house and enrollment fair tonight at Seward
Park. Starts at 6pm. They'll have more info about the school, and
they'll help folks fill out applications for enrollment, which are due
in a couple days.

You can learn more and download an application for enrollment at
http://www.chicagoquest.org/. If you have more questions about the
school, feel free to post them in a comment and I'll get an
administrator post an answer (or answer it myself, if I can).

Posted by Sandor Weisz
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