[Chicago] [ANN] September Monthly ChiPy Meeting at ITA Tomorrow!

Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 17:29:10 CEST 2011

Chicago Python User Group

RSVP now at http://chipy.org/

We have a friggen' awesome line up this month for ChiPy.

We return to ITA for the first time in a long time for a huge Python
<-> Erlang smack down. Dan and Garrett have both presented at ChiPy
many times in the past and have always amazed the audience with their
knowledge, humor, and gosh-darn good looks.

For those who do not care much about the Smack down or just need
something *more*. There will be lightening talks on social development
with Python. One lightening talk will be use the Python Bindings of
the Facebook Graph API.  More to come... This is going to rock !

We may get a live stream from DjangoCon. We will boycott tech cocktail
:p This is where nerds go, chipy.org.  Seriously, this will be a small
group and you will get a chance to meet some great Python developers
(and perhaps some Erlang developers too!?). No prior coding experience
required. All levels welcome.

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When:  September 8th 2011 7 p.m
Where: ITA 15th Floor 200 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60606 312.435.2805
Join us for the best meeting ever!

ITA is close to all sorts of public transit.

IF you drive, please visit our Pizza Sponsor's Site SpotHero:


$6 loop parking. Wow what a deal. And hey folks, written in Python.
Winers of the Apps for Chicago Contest
Plus, they are buying us Pizza. yay, SpotHero your our Hero!

You will need to RSVP at http://chipy.org/

RSVP Quick Links:

YES http://chipy.org/meetings/rsvp/38/yes
MAYBE http://chipy.org/meetings/rsvp/38/maybe


Python Threads vs Erlang Processes: An Epic Concurrency Smackdown
(:30 Thirty Minutes)
By: Garrett Smith

Why Python and Why Erlang
(:30 Thirty Minutes)
By: Daniel Griffin

Social networking Lightening Talks
(:25 Twenty-Five Minutes)
By: Various Artists
Facebook API, Twitter API, OAUTH2, all things social.

About the group

ChiPy is a group of Chicago Python Programmers, l33t, and n00bs.
Meetings are held monthly at various locations around Chicago. Also,
ChiPy is a proud sponsor of many Open Source and Educational efforts
in Chicago. Stay tuned to the mailing list for more info.

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