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Adam DeBuysscher adebuyss at wiredtree.com
Fri Apr 13 21:15:50 CEST 2012


My name is Adam DeBuysscher and I am hiring manager at WiredTree. We are 
a fast growing web hosting company looking for a Python developer to 
bolster our development team in down-town Chicago. If you have any 
questions, please feel free email me and I will be happy to address 
them. A link to apply is in the job summary below.


Adam DeBuysscher

WiredTree* - www.wiredtree.com <http://www.wiredtree.com> - is looking 
for full-time Python Developer to join our team in our downtown Chicago 
offices. We are a young, fast growing managed hosting company who 
provides a variety of solutions from virtual private/cloud servers to 
dedicated servers to complex clusters for clients worldwide. We have a 
very strong focus on providing fast, accurate, and personal customer 

*We're looking for a rock solid Python developer that knows the ins and  
outs of the language in a web application environment and has a strong 
background in Linux. *If you live out of a shell and use VIM as your 
IDE, this is going to be your dream job. The position is primarily 
development position, but you should have a firm understanding of Linux 
as much of the work we do involves automation and integrating software 
systems within this OS. A strong systems administration and devops 
experience is a plus. If you booted off a Linux Live CD once, you're 
probably not the person we're looking for. You should also have a solid 
understanding of developing web applications using Python.

*What development experience should you have?*

  *    Primarily we are looking for someone with strong Python
    development skills as well as web application experience.

/Submitting example code from a  previous project or work on an open 
source project would be a great way to set yourself ahead the pack!/

*What will you be doing?* Your primary role will be the maintenance and 
development of client facing and backend automation systems. Our primary 
goal is to allow our customers to more easy administer and control their 
systems. This often  includes adding functionality to our Grove customer 
portal to allow the client to have greater control over their server 
without having to understand Linux Administration. We also spend a large 
amount of time automating common administration process  to make tasks 
much faster for our own support staff.

***I want to apply!* Great! Please click the URL below and fill out our 
online resume form.  Include your resume and cover letter that details 
out your experience as a python developer.

Apply for the WiredTree Python Developer position here! 

Please do not email your resume and cover letter.  Use the URL above!

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