[Chicago] Our meeting

Ken Stox ken at stox.org
Sat Apr 14 23:10:33 CEST 2012

Damn! You folks sure can go through pizza! I was afraid I had ordered
too much. You proved me quite wrong. 

Note to future hosts: There is no such thing as too much pizza!

It was the best meeting ever!

Groupon will be hosting another python related event next week:


Last I looked, there is still one seat open.

Word from our sponsor:

Groupon is a strong supporter of Open Source, and not just the open
source technologies we happen to be using. If you are interested in
joining our merry crew, check out www.groupon.com/jobs, or contact me,
kstox at groupon.com.

Personal note:

It was indeed a great pleasure to host you all once again. We truly have
the finest user group in Chicago!

Final note:

My best wishes to Brian Ray and the success of 1871. We look forward to
our first meeting at his cool new digs at the Mart!

-Ken Stox
 Production System Engineer
 kstox at groupon.com

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