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Brian Ray brianhray at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 00:34:22 CEST 2012

Ken, Thanks for hosting GroupOn! The Piece Pizza was perfect.

I really heard a lot of positive feedback this time. The turn out was great
(a full house) and I think we just might have some repeat offenders next

I also want to thank those who presented and contributed to the

> http://geekfest.gathers.us/events/geekfest-lessons-learned-from-adding-pjax-support-to-django
> Last I looked, there is still one seat open.
I have to UN-RSVP and if someone wants my spot email me off the list and
give me a date/time for making the switch-- do not want you to miss your
spot. First come first one gets it. Promise you will take good notes and
send our regards to Adrian.

> My best wishes to Brian Ray and the success of 1871. We look forward to
> our first meeting ...

I am working on this. It may not happen next month but it still may (soon
regardless). We do have some other hosting open offers, so no worries it
will be the best meeting ever.

Brian Ray

PS Although it was not really Carl's birthday, I do want to shout out to
our friends at PS1 happy third birthday (ref
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