[Chicago] More information about Wednesday's Djangonauts meetup with Steve Holden

Brian Moloney brian at imagescape.com
Mon May 14 22:55:20 CEST 2012

Hi ChiPy,

Steve added some more information about his presentation that I wanted to share:

Hey, everyone! We are hoping to try some new things at Open Django
Central, so I'd like to take the opportunity of running a few ideas by
you and picking your brains, if you don't mind. I'll also update you
on progress towards this year's DjangoCon, which is being held in
Washington, DC in September. Also I'll have a few Python 3 stickers to
give away.

My Raspberry Pi has not arrived yet, but if it gets here in time I
will be happy to bring it to the meeting. That new piece of hardware
represents a great opportunity to move Python (and Django, if people
get behind it) forward hugely. Bear in mind that so far only 10,000
have been produced but there's a waiting list of over 350,000 units. I
think this is going to bring Python into renewed prominence.

If there's time I'd also like to describe an experiment I am running
with courseware from O'Reilly to help people build custom courses.

As always, I will be happy to meet as many Django users as possible!


- Max Mautner will be talking about Fabric/pexpect
- George Kappel will be talking about his use of Django for an
early-stage startup


Information and RSVP on Facebook:
Facebook alternative information and RSVP:

Please RSVP ASAP, so we can gauge how much food/drink to order.  Also,
because this is a downtown location you'll need to be on a list.

See you Wednesday!


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